Gusta Dorion

Gusta Dorion

At Pizza Gusta Dorion, we offer delicious dishes, prepared only with fresh and healthy ingredients. We also, are committed to provide efficient service to our customers. For those who love fried chicken, we have the crispest pieces served with barbecue sauce and fries. We also offer the best pizza because we know you've deserved it. Don't miss out this opportunity. Check out our menu and order by phone or online.

(450) 424-0424

386 Route Harwood

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Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion

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Google Reviews
Gusta Dorion
Muhayo Salomova

-I never write reviews but this had to be said. the pizza is the freshest, crunchiest, cheesiest most delicious thing I’ve had. And the service is SO great, Truly the most amazing pizza and service. The receptionist was so kind, friendly and honest she really makes the experience even better with her gorgeous smile ❤️-

Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion

-Everything I've tried is good and the prices are very reasonable. Highly recommend the pizza and the caesar salad. Ingredients are always fresh and the amounts are generous. Delivery is prompt and the staff are always kind. What more could you ask for?-

Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion
Steve Z

-Love this place. The fried chicken is the best and the pizza is delicious. They have the business hours that you need, no unrealistically early closing times. Food arrives fast, fresh, and hot. Very thankful to have them in my vicinity!-

Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion
James Vaughan

-Great food and fantastic portions for the price! Small store with limited seating, but it's mainly for takeout. The quality of food was excellent, and the service was very quick. Staff were friendly and very accommodating to English speaking customers! Would highly recommend checking this place out.-

Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion
Todd Collard

-Have ordered their fried chicken twice, and tried their pizza this evening. Very very impressed. Order was on time, a special that isn't shown online was offered, and much to my surprise, my order was $15.00 cheaper then I expected. Will definitely be ordering again.-

Gusta Dorion