Gusta Dorion

Gusta Dorion

At Pizza Gusta Dorion, we offer delicious dishes, prepared only with fresh and healthy ingredients. We also, are committed to provide efficient service to our customers. For those who love fried chicken, we have the crispest pieces served with barbecue sauce and fries. We also offer the best pizza because we know you've deserved it. Don't miss out this opportunity. Check out our menu and order by phone or online.

(450) 424-0424

385 Route Harwood

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Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion

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Gusta Dorion
Paul Vanderzon

-We got one of those pamphlets in the mail with menus on it and saw Gusta, we have been looking for a new old style pizza place for a while and so we ordered alot to try it all. 2 bambino pizzas -Plenty of toppings(not too much) -Perfectly cooked -All delicious and fresh ingredients. Chicken Pita Amazing, every single bit of it all the way down to how it was put together. Fried Chicken With Fries and Slaw Cooked to perfection, perfect skin. The slaw was good and the fries were perfect, not often you find fries like they have them here. Lasagna I am a diehard lasagna lover and i gotta say this is probably the best one ive ever ordered in, comes with delicious garlic bread with what seems to be inhouse made garlic butter. also a little cup of hot pepper flakes and another of parmesan if you want to add a lil something. Burger Delicous and the bun was amazing! Brownie Bag Love that they keep it refrigerated, tastes better to me. The Service Initially ordered the mccain cake they called within minutes appologizing to say they did not have it and to quickly find out if we wanted to replace it with the brownies. Delivery Driver very friendly. The lasagna was forgotten but when i called they were very friendly and apologetic that i had not recieved it and sent me out a freshly made one with the next delivery driver. Pricing is really not to bad and i think it is more than worth what we got. So to sum it up we will definitely be ordering from here again, suggest it to all those who are considering and we will be telling our friends. Thank you gusta staff for such a wonderful experience!-

Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion
Ubaid Khan

-I love ordering their Halal salami pizza and 20 wing combo. I've had many wings in town, but these are the best by far. Delicious!-

Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion
Emma Pizzardi

-We’ve been ordering here since 2018ish and it’s really the best pizza in the area!! The owner was also super helpful when I placed a large order for a big party.-

Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion
Genevieve Manolescu

-I love the fact you can order online and the food is always good. We always order the pitas with fries. They never disappoint!!!-

Gusta Dorion
Gusta Dorion
Roumbas Nick

-The quality of the food and the consistency of the quality are what keep me coming back. This is the best spot for pizza in the Vaudreuil, Pincourt and Ile-Perrot area. It’s important to encourage family run restaurants otherwise the big chains will take over, and no one cares for their clients like the mom n’ pop shops!-

Gusta Dorion